The 41MP Camera of the Nokia Lumia 1020

Almost definitely, there’s no smartphone with the a better built-in camera than the The Nokia Lumia 1020. Definitely, there’s no smartphone with a larger camera sensor. It’s a massive 41MP (!) in size, which lets the Lumia 1020 capture super-detailed images. But the cool thing is that the 1020 also captures a 5MP version of every shot, a size perfect for sharing on social media.

Another vondrous features of the Lumia 1020′s camera: the SLR-like manual settings. Finally, photography enthusiasts can claim full control over the white balance, focus, ISO, shutter speed and exposure value on the camera most of us use more than any other — the one on our phone.

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For sample photos and more info, click over to this great review of the Nokia Lumia 1020 from Spot Cool Stuff. Or, check out the promo video and official specs below:

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bag of holding messenger bag

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As almost everyone who has spent significant time playing Dungeons & Dragons knows, a Bag of Holding is a piece of luggage that can fit objects larger than the bag itself. It’s a fictional item . . .

. . . or is it? The vondrous folks at ThinkGeek have developed a messenger bag version of the Bag of Holding Messenger that is very much real. It’s very compact-looking from the outside, yet can simultaneously fit a 17-inch laptop, a 3-ring binder and two large college textbooks, to say nothing of assorted sundries like smartphones, e-book readers, cables, pens, pads of paper, batteries and stuffed monkeys. There’s also a backpack version. Starting from $49.99.

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The Hovding Invisible Bike Helmet

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The technology and design of bicycle helmets have come a long way in the last decade. And even with those advances, almost no one likes wearing bike helmets. Which is why two students of industrial design at the University of Lund in Sweden came up with the Hövding. It’s been nicknamed “the invisible bicycle helmet,” though it isn’t so much a piece of headgear you can’t see as it’s a sort of airbag for your head that you wear around your neck. When the Hövding senses that you are about to fall to the ground a protective cushion deploys around your head. Check it out in action at around the 2:50 mark of the making-of video, below. see more

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white chocolate skull

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Even if you didn’t read the headline to this post, you’d think it was of a real skull and not a dessert, right? That’s exactly the effect food artist Marina Malvada tries to create when she crafts her White Chocolate Skull.

After being carefully hand carved from pure Belgian chocolate, it is a strategic dusting of cocoa powder that gives the skull a convincing just-from-the-graveyard look. So much so that Spot Cool Stuff recently selected the White Chocolate Skull as one of their favorite four foods that taste delicious but look creepy. It is sold exclusively through AHAlife, albeit at the frightening price of $300.

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electronic butterfly in a jar

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As kids, we used to catch butterflies and put them in jars. And then we’d wonder why they’d stop flying around a few hours later.

That’s not an issue with the Electronic Butterfly in a Jar from one of our favorite purveyors of cool stuff, ThinkGeek. It has a realistic-looking butterfly in a realistic-looking mason jar (because, well, it’s an actual mason jar). Tap on the glass and the butterfly will even respond with some extra fluttering. But this butterfly doesn’t require oxygen — just AAA batteries (which come included). Pair with an Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl for a whole little glass-enclosed animal collection right there on your desk. $19.99

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halley floor to floor lamp

The Halley Floor To Floor Lamp is one of five cool outdoor lighting fixtures featured by Spot Cool Stuff. And it’s not hard to see why. Flexible, modular arcs of light shine down upon your outdoor scene. And the whole lamp is waterproof — not to the point you’d want to throw it into the pool, but you can leave the Halley Floor To Floor Lamp outside in the wind, cold and rain. The main downside is the $3,200 price tag. If that’s a bit beyond your budget, consider the less expensive but less outdoor-friendly Halley Floor To Wall Lamp instead.

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