Yogibo Max

Don’t think of it as a bean bag. The Yogibo Max isn’t a cheap pseudo-chair of the sort found in so many dorm rooms of college students and living rooms of the unemployed. Sit on a Yogibo Max and the experience is — luxurious. Stretchy cotton-lycra fabric wraps around near frictionless beads that conform to your body without being squishy. (No wonder chiropractors suggest Yogibo products to their clients with back pain while, we’d guess, never recommending bean bags).

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These vondrous aspects of the Yogibo Max that has us especially enamored with it:

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manoteca indoor table/desk

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We’ve seen plenty of vintage doors turned into dinning room tables. And we’ve seen a few vintage doors turned into desk work stations. But the Indoor Table/Desk by Manoteca is the first time we’ve seen a vintage door turned into both! Folded flat, it’s a dinning room table large enough for eight adults. Open it and a drawer, three recycled rawhide pockets and optional lamp are revealed.

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napoleon apollo 3-in-1 smoker

Follow Me on Pinterest The Napoleon Apollo Smoker can serve as a simple charcoal grill if when you want it to. But why limit yourself to flame-grilled fare when you can serve up some smoked meat too?

That’s what’s so vondrous about the Napoleon Apollo — it works as a three chamber easy-to-use water smoker too. The modular design lets you adjust the size of the smoker to your needs. Use all three sections and it is absolutely huge, with enough vertical capacity for a three foot-long fish.

Other features of the Napoleon Apollo 3-in-1 Smoker we love: the five meat hanging hooks, the built-in support for rib racks, the temperature probe eyelets and the multiple vents (three on the bottom, one on top) that allow for precision temperature control.

The main downside: there’s no lower heat deflector, so the underneath portion of the smoker gets extraordinarily hot. Keep pets and kiddos away!

Still, the pros well outweigh the cons. The build quality is excellent. And we love the modular design. see more

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banned book mug

Follow Me on Pinterest Ah, nothing starts your day like contemplating censorship over a cup of coffee. The Banned Book Mug, sold by the quirky Unemployed Philosophers Store, artfully arranges the titles of 25 tomes that have been outlawed, suppressed, burned or in some fashion banned.

See the full list of titles after the jump. $12.95

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color changing jeans

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Naked and Famous makes consistently great, and sometimes unusual, jeans. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that they were the ones to introduce thermochromic jeans. Imagine mood rings for your legs — as the jeans get hotter or colder they change color. Fun, though challenging when trying to coordinate an outfit. $240 (currently on sale at Barney’s New York for $89)

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See the jeans change color in the video, below:

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the element portable gas grill

It’s not always possible or practical (or legal) to build a fire for grilling when you are enjoying the great outdoors. But it is usually possible and practical to cook with a Fuego Element Portable Gas Grill. Between its two handles, messenger bag-like should strap, compact size and scant 15 pound weight, this grill is highly portable.

But the best part is the Element Portable Grill’s design, which is stellar with one exception . . .

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